New Tiger in Town

23 Apr

For any of you interested in the Tiger Mom saga, here’s an update:

Older daughter Sophia has started a blog! She’s refutes any misconceptions about her deprived childhood with candor and wit; in a January 17 letter to her mother in the New York Post she writes:

One problem is that some people don’t get your humor. They think you’re serious about all this, and they assume Lulu and I are oppressed by our evil mother. That is so not true. Every other Thursday, you take off our chains and let us play math games in the basement.

So check her out! The few posts she’s made have been interesting enough for me to bookmark it.

Also, another legitimate blog post coming after I finish my Opera reading- sorry! It’s almost finals times here at Overachiever U, so I have to find my inner overachiever and hop to it, at least for the next two weeks.


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