i’ve got time to kill until my life becomes more real

26 Feb

I really like to read magazine/newspaper articles, specifically those which come from New York Magazine. It may as well be my Bible. Regardless of where they’re published, though, I find them interesting- you can say a lot about our day and age based on what headlines Yahoo!, NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, and NYMag.com choose to put on their main pages.

I’ve started bookmarking them for no clear reason, other than making them easier to find when I’d rather read a magazine article than do my course readings. But I miss verbal sparring. It used to be so easy to get other people to read the articles I enjoyed; I’d just give them the magazine during a class period with a sub or one with busy work and we’d spend the last few minutes discussing it. In college, though, everyone’s too busy. I miss talking about issues that are neither academic nor politically driven, neither gossip-y nor over dramatic.

So read. Discuss. Share the links. Make your friends discuss. Engage. Yay!


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